Pantene Aqua Light Old Packaging

Pantene Aqua Light New Packaging

When I wrote in my ’empties’ post about Pantene Aqua Light now being for fine hair, which mine definitely is not, and being repackaged, I had a very speedy response from them to clear matters up. Apparently, it is the same product (minus a little silicone in the conditioner) even though it has a new labelling of ‘Fine Hair’ and different packaging. This is to avoid confusion when buying shampoo. 

Um..I think the Ministry of Plain Beauty Speak might have something to say on this. It’s even more confusing to my mind to label something that is good for any hair type as being for ‘fine hair’. Why not just label it for ‘fine and normal hair’.. or even ‘for all hair types’? Or, was that just too easy?

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