Well, I think I will have to say that this has only been partially succesful so far: on one eye, the effect is really very good: the eye lid has definitely opened out and you can see much more of the lower lid (with my eyes open) than you could before. It’s a completely natural look that just makes me look a little more awake and fresher…if the other eye had done the same, I’d say it was a perfect treatment! But, while my right eye is all perky, my left has yet to catch up and although it is barely noticeable to anyone else, I notice. I can’t have it corrected for two months apparently.

The ‘downtime’ was more serious than I had expected; the skin flaking isn’t something that can be concealed so you just have to put up and shut up until it has all peeled away, which is fine, but I was channelling Anna Wintour in dark glasses for a good week. 

Overall, although I can’t give a full thumbs up for the CO2RE treatment until I have had the left eye properly sorted out, if it does go right first time, it is pretty darn good.

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