I knew this was going to happen… I’ve just been having a proper clear out of my beauty room to get it into some sort of organized shape. I’m genuinely being hindered by not having easy access to the products I need to write about, so hopefully by the time I have finished it will be more organised than the British Library (yes, that is a little bit hopeful, I agree). 

So, getting to the bottom of the piles I have reached my ‘untouchable’ box – that’s the box that nobody but me is allowed anywhere near and it contains make up that I’ve held onto for posterity. They’re unused and more or less untouched. So here we go:

Above: this was a little booklet from RMK 2003 when it launched in the UK. Inside, these decorative eyeliners.. so it just goes to show that the current stick-on liners aren’t exactly a new idea. 

Above, Vincent Longho – I can’t date this but look how pretty it is!

Above, more Versace – *sigh* – it was just SO glamorous. 

Does anyone remember MAC for Temperley from 2005?

Benefit’s Glamourette palette from 2004/5 looks kind of unweildy now, but this got so much coverage in all the mags and we loved it!!

I’ll do a second post of more Untouchables later because if I don’t get on with clearing up, I’ll still be doing it at midnight.


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