Revlon Baby Sticks
Revlon Baby Sticks

I had a comment about these products last night saying they don’t last.. so, rather than just swatch on my arm, I put them to the test on my face this morning. And, they’re right. With the exception of the very pink one (I still have the stain on my arm from last night’s swatch) the other two are the lightest of touches. So, while they show up with some colour on the very white of my inner arm, there’s very little colour on my face which is a completely different tone to my arm. There is absolutely nothing left of the other shades on my inner arm, and nothing left of them on my face (after an hour).

So, if you’re opting for a Baby Stick, the bright pink (Pink Passion) is a safe bet. Some retouching is inevitable with most make-up: but some longevity is really important too. This collection was created by Gucci Westman who is a noted make-up artist – and yes, I get it that if you are looking to put the cherry on the cake on chiselled model cheeks for a editorial glossed look, then yes.. they’ll do that no problem. But, if you’re hoping for a everyday, obvious blush.. nuh-oh.

Actually, this highlights why comments are so important – I’m really grateful for them and if I’m wrong first time around, very happy to put it right.


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