If you don’t know the C4 series, Battlefront, it’s all about young people aged between 14-21 on a mission to make a difference in the world. Kaya Cheyanne’s campaign is Keeping It Real and she aims to have a stamp put on all images that don’t have airbrushing, kind of like a fair trade stamp. Kaya’s campaign is aimed at people of all ages but particularly young people more likely to be influenced by today’s perfected imagery. You know, we wonder why that beauty cream doesn’t give us a flawless look as per the ad, we wonder why our lashes don’t look sky high and abundant when clearly from the ads, that’s what should happen and when the foundation we bought didn’t quite smooth away every single blemish as was clearly the case in the ad, we’re disappointed. Invariably, we blame ourselves and not the advertising. Thanks to the epidemic of airbrushing on almost every single image we ever see that advertises beauty, it’s no wonder a generation of teens is growing up feeling they’ll never live up to what they see between the pages of a magazine. Positive body image is crucial for well-being and it’s a much healthier ideal to aim for. Nice one, Kaya.

Check out Kaya’s campaign or follow her on twitter at @KeepBeautyReal.
The second special girl is Chyaz Samuel, winner of the Over 18’s Simple Star competition. Chyaz , aged 19, is currently studying to be a journalist at uni. She hosts a Youtube channel, although admits she isn’t a typical make up lover. Her focus is on looks that embrace the art of cosmetics, but in ‘real life’ she endorses natural beauty. You only need to watch her channel to realise that she’s truly talented, and it’s all the more impressive that she did so well when you bear in mind the thousands of channels and blogs out now there vying for viewers. But it wasn’t just her channel that won it for her – the finalists were sent to London for a day at Beauty Bootcamp to be put through interviews, challenges and masterclasses. I love that Chyaz uses make up to ‘make up’ and not as a mask to hide behind. See Chyaz’s channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/punkchyaz

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