Okay now, Tweezerman Smooth Finish is very much a personal preference – it’s a coil for hair removal (you twizzle the two rubber ends and the coil contracts to pull out the hairs). Personally, when I tried it, it was phenomenally painful, and that was going to be my post – don’t go there – BUT I met two people yesterday who absolutely swear by a similar product called Tweezy and don’t find it painful at all.

I guess you could say that both Tweezerman Smooth Finish and Tweezy are  the midpoint between tweezing and threading – you’ll need to get fast at twizzling pretty quickly in order not to suffer, I’d say, and it could be that I just hadn’t got quick enough before screaming and holding my face, or it could be that I’m just a big baby in the pain department!

When I look at the testimonials, it’s also a mixed reaction – some say it’s pain free and others say it’s painFUL – but all say once they’ve got the hang of it, it’s brilliant for facial hair. It’s certainly very accurate, and actually I thought it might well be the solution for anyone whose eyesight isn’t up to spotting individual hairs for tweezing, and it’s definitely far less fuss and mess than waxing, grabs more hair than tweezing, so other than the pain, it’s got everything going for it. I need to be brave and have another go, but I’m not ready… not ready! Tweezy is HERE and it’s £10; Tweezerman Smooth Finish is launching in a couple of weeks time and is £20. If you decide to give it a go, please let me know what your experience is.

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