Tweezerman BrushIQ
Tweezerman BrushIQ

Last week I posted on some of the new brushes from Tweezerman, so this week I’m focussing on the Tweezerman BrushiQ Foundation Brushes. To be honest, with foundation, I’m a dab-it-on-with-my-fingers person. I wear BB creams a lot and I have to say it wouldn’t even occur to me to use a brush for that. However, with so many new foundation launches, these brushes could not come at a better time because I’ve been able to put them properly to the test.

Tweezerman BrushIQ Foundation Brushes
Tweezerman BrushiQ Foundation Brushes

First up, proper, thick handles that give you exactly the right amount of control – it’s something that you only think about if you really focus in on a brush, but I expect it’s a key issue for makeup artists. The brush that I love is the Flat Top Foundation (third up in the picture) which is £19.95. I put a dab of foundation in my hand and the firmness and flatness of it scoops up all the product in one but doesn’t deposit all in one! If you like a firm brush that drives foundation to a seamless finish, it’s this one, and you need to use circular motions with it to get the best effect.

I’m less a fan of the Flat Foundation Brush, £19.95, but that’s because it feels like I’m painting my face and need to adjust quantity of product – you certainly do get a perfect finish with it but I prefer the speed and efficiency of the Flat Top. The Flat Foundation Brush I think is for those who enjoy the artistry of the base application with a more leisurely approach. Lastly, the Pointed Foundation Brush, £19.95, which falls somewhere between the other two – it’s a half way house between painting and driving.

I can’t not mention the huuuuge Powder Brush, £29.95, again – I’ve never had my face brushed with a small hamster, but I’m guessing it might not feel dissimilar to this. It gives a whisper of powder across the face – which is all anyone needs for setting and perfecting.

As a recap, Tweezerman BrushiQ Foundation Brushes aren’t made with animal hair – that’s a big plus. It’s clever artificial hair (DuPont Natrafil) that does the same job. They’re all HERE on a three for two.

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