[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I got the Truyu tweezers at the CEW event last week and with the painting the Forth bridge effort that chin tweezing requires, I’m very glad to have them. I have a pair of original Tweezerman tweezers but they’ve lost their edge now and with everyone reporting the new breed of Tweezerman just isn’t as good (although, in fairness, I have tried them and found them fine but they had slight tendency to cut the hair on the grip rather than hold it for a pull) I gave the Truyu a go.

Truyu Tweezer Review

Speaking of hairs, a rogue one has infiltrated this picture – I give up! So, the Truyu Tweezers are excellent – they’ve got a nice, slanted edge that grips without snips and allows you to get a good yank on the pesky bristle. I thought it was perhaps a one-off, but my daughter gave them a go, immediately asked if they were spare (they are not!) and then ordered her own set.

Truyu Tweezer Review

My set of tweezers came as a two part set that also included a pair of lash curlers – on the grounds that life is too short, I haven’t used these. Nobody has ever commented that my lashes are too straight and I’ve never thought it myself, so I’ll leave that non problem exactly where it should be, as not-a-problem. Best news of all is that the tweezers are £4 HERE.

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