Personally, I’m not a big Halloween fan…although I loved it as a child, before it was anything to do with Trick or Treat and was just about apple bobbing and making spooky bats. Last year, I was laughing at some super-tall kids hoping I might give them money for wearing a mask.. as if…they were probably about sixteen..and they gave me an eggy window. In fact, lots of my friends don’t even want their kids out on Halloween anymore. So, I thought these bubbles from Philosophy might go some way to encouraging them home quicker rather than hanging about hoping for sweets. I know what I’d rather have.. although it would depend on the sweets of course. 

The Crispy Marshmallow Bar and Caramel Apple Shampoo, Bubble Bath & Body Washes cost £18 (for the set) and are available at Selfridges exclusively from October. 


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