This is the longest test ever done on BBB, but one year after tester Cemo started using the Tria Hair Removal System, she’s still giving it the thumbs up. And, Tria has gone down in price since she first became a tester, now retailing at £495. Cemo has coarse dark hair that bothers her most on her arms and legs.

“I’ve been using Tria for over a year now and I have noticed a significant difference in the length of time it has taken for hair growth to come back. I’ve predominantly been using this on my legs and although the hair hasn’t been fully eliminated, there are patches where hair doesn’t grow back at all.

In the places where it does grow, the hair is much finer and less coarse. I have dark brown hair and for me this is a major breakthrough. Through patience (a year later) I’m seeing the most incredible results. The only issue I have which is what I mentioned in my last review, is that Tria is perfectly compact but quite heavy which makes my arms feel tired, to the point that sometimes I’ll only complete half my leg…this may explain the patches…before I have to have a rest. It’s then quite difficult to go back to exactly where I left off.

This summer, I showed off my legs more than ever before – I always used to be wary of the one day growth and the very obvious pore size – because of such coarse hair. Because Tria has made the hair – where there still is some – so much finer that my legs are smooth after saving for several days.
Its taken me a good year to see the results but now I realise it was well worth the wait. Now it is winter, my legs will be in hibernation, but come next summer I am certain to be more confident and show off my naked legs without the help of tanned tights.”

Well, she had to wait for quite some time for really good results to show through, but Cemo has proved to me at least that a) she deserves a medal for patience, and b) Tria has given a result worth waiting for. I do notice though that the Tria website claims results in 3 months and more so in 6, but it’s always worth reading between the lines on these things…results may start to show in a shorter period of time, but you need to be in it for the long run to get the outstanding, hair free result.

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