I’ll say up-front that I don’t love the name of this product but we’re in strange times here, with beauty brands wondering what on earth they can call products aimed at the older woman without implying that you should be trying to look younger than you really are. Or, that somehow, younger is better. We’re proud of our age at BeautyPlus. Tresemme has not got this bit right yet.

However, there’s not much out there on the high street for hair that targets older hair and we have to face the fact that mostly, hair does change. Whether it’s becoming coarser, thinner or just lacking body and shine, we’re a little more prone to having a bad hair day. Any number of factors can be at play, but a decrease in sebum production in the scalp, reduced follicle size and loss of proteins and lipids are the main culprits.

The Tresemme range is about reviving and strengthening, and particularly about boosting thickness. Actually, it’s aimed at the first signs of ageing (just in case you aren’t worrying early enough!) but you can pick up on the benefits at any age. It’s infused with omegas and anti-oxidants (but what isn’t, these days?), mainly though, I’m impressed with the fact it’s so lightweight. I’ve lost too many hours in the shower trying to rinse a conditioning mask away and because it’s so clingy to hair, most likely undoing any bit of good the mask did in the first place. Ease of rinse is a key factor – you don’t want to spend a minute more than you have to wrestling with your locks under hot water because if anything is going to upset your hair, it’s that.

Softer hair is another major factor in how your hair looks as you age. Soft hair is more likely to bounce and shine – dry and coarse hair won’t do that no matter how much you tease it into submission. Those two things alone convince me that it’s suitable for older hair. And, I do very much like that it’s high street prices – as a rule, anything for the older hair market automatically is more expensive. It’s priced from £5.99 for shampoo and conditioner to £9.99 for the, ahem, ‘correcting’ essence, and is rolling out into stores round about now.

The ‘anti-ageing’ hair market is going to be huge – it’s a sector on the up; let’s just hope that someone finds a way to target older hair without assuming that younger is more beautiful.

*image from www.thegrocer.co.uk




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