First thought on the olive oil based range from Japan, DHC? What’s the point? Surely everyone keeps a bottle of extra virgin in the house – let’s all cleanse and moisturise with that instead. So, I gave it a go. Apart from smelling like a tapas bar, the kitchen olive oil took an age to disappear off my skin – there was still a greasy sheen the following day though I swiped and wiped. So, now I know why, despite celebrities swearing by a splash of olive oil to keep their skin aglow, in real life, it isn’t a credible option. However, you can’t doubt that olive oil is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So I tried olive oil laced DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, £16, the first part of their USP 4 Step Basic routine, that’s actually very smooth and comfortable on the skin. This needs to be followed by the Mild Soap, £10, whose lather whisks off any last oily residue. Step 3 is the DHC Mild Lotion to tone – although I’m never sure whether any toner does really work – and finally Olive Virgin Oil, £25.50. And the last ‘moisturising step’ really is just olive oil. However, its been worked to be completely clear and ultra-light, and possibly most importantly, scent free – meaning there’s no confusion with a salad dressing. Is it worth £25.50, though? Not sure. If I was hard-up, I’d possibly turn to the kitchen cupboards instead. Where the range does stand out though is in it’s 4 Step approach – and I’d recommend it for teens where putting a great skin care routine in place will reap rewards for the rest of their lives. Just ask Clinique, whose 3 Step system is a multi million pound seller all on its own.

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