Bathing means different things to different people – for some, a quick, wash and go shower will suffice. For others it’s a time for contemplation, relaxation and rest. If you fall into the latter camp, my picks of the best bathing companions to soothe and nurture the senses will enhance the experience.

I’m a bather in winter and a shower-er in summer – I love sinking into fragrant hot water; I always used to take a book and just keep on topping up the hot water to the brim of the bath. Nowadays, I’m more inclined to watch something on my iPad, but either way, the pleasure of being enveloped in warmth is too lovely!

Jo Loves Pomelo Bath Cologne

If you’ve never experienced Jo Loves Pomelo, it’s truly something special. Billed as a citrus note, it’s more than that – a rounded, blooming, happy scent that I wear in its fragrance form at least weekly. Bath Cologne is a new concept in bathing – indulgent? Certainly, but it contains a high content of fragrance which means that when the steam hits it, you’ll get waft after waft of delicious, smile-making Pomelo. I also find with this orangey-blossomy product that it seeps through the whole house, leaving trails of fruity bliss.

Pomelo Bath Cologne is £59 HERE.

Mio Liquid Yoga

Not only is this the best name for any bath product, but it lives up to it, too! When I first used Mio Liquid Yoga, I was a little too generous and ended up absolutely zonked from my bath! It contains mineral salts and herbs, so smells a little medicinal, along with arnica, spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin and chamomile essential oils.

Don’t even bother taking a book – there’s no way you’ll stay alert enough to read it! Liquid Yoga is the absolute antidote to stress and wakefulness.

Mio Liquid Yoga is £26 HERE.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax

When you find a product that becomes so much a part of your bathing regime that can’t imagine a bath without it, that’s a rare find. But I cannot count the number of bottles of Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax that I’ve been through. It’s just what makes a bath a bath, to me.

If you’re not keen on that ‘aromatherapy spa’ kind of fragrance, then it’s not for you. I didn’t think I was particularly keen either, until I realised I was altered in mood after using it with my edges smoothed and infinitely calmer. It definitely strikes at the complex olfactory senses – I feel genuinely more relaxed from it, although not comatose. Unlike the others, Deep Relax is in oil form so skin feels soft after use.

It’s £40 HERE.

Water itself is therapeutic. The envelopment, the stillness and the warmth of a bath will do plenty on its own to round off the day. But, I guess adding something to it really stamps it as your own time. The rest of my family can bathe in Matey for all I care… these treats are all mine!

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