Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach

Normally, I wouldn’t take any notice of the Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach fragrance, but I’m a massive fan of Bobbi Brown Beach, so I wanted to see how the two compare. In fact, they don’t, but the Thomas Sabo version does have that fresh, beachy smell with a bit of citrus thrown in. I prefer Bobbi by a long mile, but where Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach differs is that it’s much more of a cologne take on a sea scent. It’s very fresh, but to my nose, not terribly long lasting. I can pick out the citrus notes (mandarin. orange and lemon) and the floral notes that mingle with a pinch of salt. There is definitely a musk backdrop that allows it to warm into a ‘skin scent’.. but it’s all rather light. That said, there are people who don’t like ‘big’ fragrances and are happy with the merest hint, so if you’re that person, the Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach is worth a spritz (from May, £45).

Thomas Sabo Charm
Thomas Sabo Charm

I’ve got horribly side tracked though by Thomas Sabo Charms – I’m a collector by nature so I’ve had to click away quickly from the site before another ‘collection’ begins! It’s HERE.




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