thisworks Light Time
thisworks Light Time

There’s new skin care on the way from thisworks; it’s designed to tackle the physical effects of sleep on the skin. Hold on though.. haven’t we always been told that a good night’s sleep does wonders for skin, and now we’re being told that we need creams for the ravages of a good night’s sleep? thisworks Light Time is all about a bad night’s sleep actually and any residual puffiness or creases that you’re left with as a result of said terrible sleep.

I was very much about to take this theory apart until I tried Light Time Skin Plumper, which works! It’s hard to say what it does exactly, but my skin looks perkier with it than without it. Needless to say, it’s got my good friend Hyaluronic in it, supposedly to plump out skin creases left behind after sleep, but I’ve been using it any time of day, and particularly before make up application and my complexion definitely looks smoother when I’ve used it. So, if you’re not prone to looking as though you spent the night sleeping on an old crisp packet when you wake, ignore that sell completely because this is a pretty useful product to have lying around. The words that thisworks use to describe the result are rested and refreshed and those are correct. It’s not all that often that I find anything that really does give skin an awakening, but I found that thisworks Light Time works for me.

Less happily is the suggestion that it’s an alternative to injectables because nothing does injectable like an injectable, but I know this brand put their products through intense independent trials, so if they say that it’s been proven to swell out lines and plump the skin, I will believe it. There’s no indication of how little or how much the trial results say that skin plumps, and in use, don’t imagine that you are suddenly transported to your twenties because you aren’t, but there is definitely something at work here and I loved the results. It’s £29.50 HERE.

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