I’ve no idea how I missed this! I love This Works; the Deep Sleep Bath Soak is one of the most effective sleep promoting bath products I’ve ever used, so if you know someone who finds it hard to get a decent night’s kip, this is the very thing. It’s a luxury set, priced at £65 but on the site you get a free Pillow Spray with orders over £40, plus if you bought all the things individually it would cost £10 more than the set put together. Anyway, what price a good night’s sleep?

My sleep is always a bit hit and miss but I find that a couple of things really help – first, if you do steep in a warm bath (Deep Sleep Soak contains lavender, chamomile and vetivert), go straight to bed afterwards.. don’t faff about downstairs to undo all the relaxing goodness! The other thing I do if I really can’t drift off is count – the same as the old counting sheep thing, but in my mind I draw the numbers out really slowly and start again if I get distracted. It sounds silly, but actually focussing on mentally drawing numbers is harder than it sounds.. you end up having to start again because thoughts will crowd your head but if you re-focus and start the count again you will drop off. The thing is not to get frustrated with it and just to let it happen.. 

Find the set HERE

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