Just had a press release through flagging up a ‘new’ SmartLipo treatment (a form of liposuction, where fat is surgically drained from the body) called Thigh High Boot Lipo and it promises to hoover up ‘calves, fat ankles or chubby thighs’ in order make your thigh high boots look nicer. Chances are though, that if your legs are so weighty that you need the fat sucked out of them to work a fashion trend, then surely your top half will be on a par with the offending bottom half? And that cannot be a good look. I absolutely hate this kind of marketing, where implied inadequecy is billed as a reason for surgery. I don’t hate lipo – I’ve had it myself – but the stupid, stupid suggestion that being able to fit into thigh high boots is reason enough to part with thousands of pounds and will somehow allow your less than acceptable shape to be fashionably dressed is, well, vile. I’m absolutely not pro being overweight, but neither am I fond at all of this drip-drip system of perceived imperfections by the cosmetic surgery industry. Shut up, people.

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