There’s a really interesting feature from the CEO of the network Total Beauty, entitled Beauty Brands Should Not Be Working With Bloggers. Unfortunately, this brave title kind of implodes when it turns out if you are a PR you shouldn’t be working with bloggers unless you go through a network – but anyhoo, he indicates that the USA government may mandate that bloggers disclose if they’ve received incentives, free product or money AKA compensation (money?! we should be so lucky!) and mentions the ethics and journalistic standards of bloggers. Apparantly, Stateside brand managers are concerned about becoming embroiled in this ethical debate to the point they are thinking about severing ties with bloggers. Only ‘thinking about’ it, mind. There’s also a great little homily about ‘professional mass media journalists are bound to these standards: objectivity, accuracy, truthfulness, fairness, public accountability and limitation of harm’. Gosh, who knew? I’m all for disclosure, and am open about things that have been sent to me – it’s in my profile – I get a lot of beauty booty anyway because I do write for other media, but what of those bloggers who are courted by PRs and don’t fess up? Well, to be honest, I haven’t really come across it…most blogs are more than happy to say they’ve been sent products by a PR, and it’s immediately obvious what brands are ‘courting’ bloggers as the same posts pop up everywhere. Sometimes I’ll bite, other times I won’t…in fact, I now generally refuse approaches where I know there’s a mass blog target going on. The article continues on about why joining a network is really the solution for both PRs and bloggers. I’ve nothing against networks….it can be a great way to get appropriate advertising going and make some revenue from this wonderful, but very time consuming hobby. But in this vein, our CEO writer forgot to be the very thing he is imploring bloggers to be – open, honest and objective. Ideally, if he was holding true to the ethics he would like bestowed upon beauty bloggers he would have called his feature, Why You Should Join My Network.

Transparency Disclosure

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