[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] It’s no secret that the last TBS product I’d pick out for myself is the Pumpkin Spice range but I’m happy to say that the Pumpkin Spice Instant Radiance In-Shower Mask doesn’t smell of pumpkins or spice or vanilla – it’s just got a nicely earthy scent which I think comes from the clay – and does a quick but efficient job of smoothing the skin with mild exfoliation.

Pumpkin Mask

The idea is that you put it on before you step into the shower and rinse it away before you get out. I don’t know if I’m doing showers wrong but there’s a bit of naked gymnastics for this not to rinse off before the 5 minutes is up – especially if your ablutions include a hair wash. So, personally, I’m just as happy to go rogue and ignore the shower entirely and use it as a quick morning mask to get the blood flowing and my complexion looking perky – which it absolutely does. Pumpkin is naturally enzymatic and there is a small amount of apricot seed powder for physical exfoliation (up to you whether you work it around your skin or not – either way is fine) and it’s a bouncy and moussy texture that feels cooling and soft on the skin.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Instant Radiance In-Shower Mask

The full ingredient list reveals aloe leaf juice, shea butter, soybean oil and cranberry powder amongst other things but your main take away from it is skin that feels and looks brighter and smoother. I think it’s good value at £18 for 75ml HERE. As you can see from the picture above, there is a new Lip Juicer in town. It’s a bit pumpkinny in scent I must admit but to me wasn’t overtly so in the way the bath and body products are. It’s pleasantly moisturising with a kind of copper/peachy/orange tint (er, just like pumpkin perhaps!) and a little bit of golden sparkle.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Instant Radiance In-Shower Mask

The thing about the Lip Juicer with a dash of sparkle is that it lends itself nicely to the festive season as well and for £7 HERE, seems also pretty good value. It’s not particularly shiny either so is good for anyone who prefers a bit more of a lipstick feel than a glossy feel and likes to keep their colour low key. Pumpkin Spice Lip Juicer is a limited edition. Non-affiliate links are HERE.



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