Let’s face it, women of mixed race aren’t well catered for in beauty world – there’s a steady, but slow, recognition from many brands that the UK is culturally diverse, but it is far too slow. I’ve often asked the question of brands why there aren’t more foundation/concealer/powder shades available for women of colour and the answer, more often than not, is that they don’t think there is the market there to make it financially viable. What that means, in real words, is that they know there is a market but it’s just not quite vast enough for them to turn a mega profit on extra shades. Tsk.

So, new blog,, founded by Thandie Newton and make up artist, Kay Montano, both of mixed race, aims to start conversations about all aspects of beauty and ask questions about beauty identity; regardless of skin colour.

Beauty is a great leveller for women; you can be anywhere in the world, in any culture and no matter what your race, religion or age, you can find a point of mutual interest around the subject of beauty.

It’s not a first; in the beauty blog world, we have a plethora of fantastic blogs from all races and nations, but sometimes it takes a well-known voice to help everyone to be heard. I hope that’s the case here, because it’s time, REALLY time, that ethnicities are better catered to.

There’s a more in-depth feature HERE from the Independent. launches on 16th September.


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