I need a separate post to talk about the Thalgo products. It’s a massive range, and just like the spa, incorporates the benefits of algae, marine extracts and minerals. I have a bit of a problem with the packaging, even though it has been newly repackaged. I don’t feel that the plain exterior gives enough of a clue to what is inside; certainly not for the UK market. Thalgo is huge in France and also in Australia, but I feel they’d do themselves an enormous favour by repackaging for the UK market. Some of the products used on me while I was at the spa were absolutely beautiful; deliciously scented, efficacious and thoroughly pampering, and yet, to look at the box, there is no clue that they would be anything other than clinically utilitarian.

Packaging aside there were some truly stand out products. For a start, being a Tetley person through and through with no time for grungy ‘teas’, I was surprised to be given one of the nicest teas I’ve ever had in the form of Thalgo Refining Tea – a lemon/mint infusion with brown algae (you can’t taste it, honest!), Meadowsweet and liquorice that was probably responsible in the main for the number of times I had to pop to the loo while I was at the Spa! I also had a sachet of Digestion Tea that was gorgeous, but seems to be harder to find than the other Thalgo varieties.

The Reviving Marine Mist is just a delight – a spritz of red algae and grapefruit extracts in sea water gives a delicious blast of energy and a scent that quite literally puts you at the water’s edge. The Deep Sea Scrub is quite simply brilliant – even without the enthusiasm of a therapist, this will knock your skin into a smoothness hitherto unknown, and I do not say that lightly. It’s got a fresh, light scent that is beautifully refreshing. Finally, Ocean Memory Cream is a very moisturising cream with the same scent as Deep Sea Scrub.

To experience a really algae laden product, try the Thalassobath With Algae; a bottle of algae and mineral infused salts that turns your bath into a divine, if very sea-watery, detox.

With the products mentioned, you could easily create your own home-spa and really feel you’ve done something good for yourself and your skin. I’m hugely impressed with this range, that if I’m honest, I wouldn’t have given a second glance to if I hadn’t actually had the products put in my hands.

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