The Big Reveal
The Big Reveal

I love a lab sample! This little gem is Temple Spa The Big Reveal, a glycolic peel gel that does it’s work in less than a minute.

My first reaction to this is that it smells quite strongly of alcohol – you blend a thin layer over your skin and leave it for 50 seconds before working your skin in circular movements until it’s all rolled away. It’s a traditional gommage formula, so you’ll end up with lots of little squirls of products so I think this is one best done in the bath or over the sink. As a flash exfoliator, it’s absolutely genius – my skin hasn’t been left so soft by a product for a long time, but I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin because you do need to do quite a lot of rolling and it’s a rather strong mask (although I didn’t get any little prickly feeling like I have with other glycolic or enzymatic peels).

One warning – I’m not sure gommage formulas are good for skin that’s downy – those little rolls do get caught up in the fine hairs and they’re an absolute b*gger to get out completely. My skin isn’t especially downy, but even then, I did have a bit of a job removing every last trace of the mask. But if your skin isn’t sensitve, Temple Spa The Big Reveal is definitely one to have in the beauty cupboard – my complexion was absolutely glowing afterwards and looked fresher than it has done for a while. Temple Spa The Big Reveal is £40 for 50ml – it hasn’t quite launched yet on the Temple Spa site but it’s well worth keeping a look out for as a very effective glycolic mask.

Temple Spa is HERE


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