[unpaid/sample] January is always about wellness – detox, diets, better you, planners, manifesting and giving up booze – but expect it to be wellness on speed this time around. Our health anxieties have been amplified by the constant undercurrent of Covid and the threat of reduced health care – even if we’re not actively anxious, there’s a quiet thread of uncertainty simmering away so don’t under-estimate the importance of wellness. I’ve got more on wellness coming through January because I think you can’t be reminded often enough how putting points in the self care bank is so important. So, cutting a long story short, I wasn’t terribly well over Christmas (not too bad – I still had a good time) and then had a reaction to the antibiotics I was on and for a few days, couldn’t bear tea, coffee, alcohol (a first!) or anything flavoured, except the Tea & Tonic White Mint Wellness Tea and Tetley Spearmint which is why, although at opposite ends of the spectrum, tea wise, they’re getting a mention. It’s taken me forever to come around to wellness teas and flavoured teas – I dabbled with T2 last year but only really liked the Peach flavour – but I’m now starting my day with White Mint instead of my usual stand-a-teaspoon-in, industrial strength Tetley.

Tea & Tonic White Mint Wellness Tea

White Mint Wellness Tea is a blend of white tea, peppermint & eucalyptus boosted with stress balancing herbs designed to help digestion (which is probably why I was so drawn to it) and circulation. The key here is that the herbs are adaptogens (stress reducers) and if you look that up on Google you’ll see that the jury is out on whether adaptogens are able to help our bodies manage stress as claimed although I think over time there will be better data.

Tea & Tonic White Mint Wellness Tea

I can say though that it did help with my symptoms – it was refreshing and soothing as well as hydrating and helped keep feelings of nausea at bay (as did the Tetley spearmint to be fair, but less so). Anyway, all that has passed now I’m off the antibiotics (which has left me with a lovely rash!) and I’m still starting my day with White Mint because it feels like exactly what I want on waking and I’m grateful that it made me feel better. It feels like a good way to start the day and that’s one in the bank without me really even trying. I had my first coffee in ten days today – I’ve accidentally done a coffee detox! I’ve previously written about the Tea & Tonic Facial Oil which is lovely – I have it on my bedside table and quite often start my face day with it so I think this brand is heading for great things. It’s one to watch. You can find the tea HERE and you can find Tetley Herbal Fresh Mint anywhere!


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