I’m not sure anyone could call the Tangle Angel a thing of beauty, but it does tick the box in detangling knotty hair. My hair isn’t particularly knotty these days but dry hair always takes a bit more working through I think, and this does the job effectively, leaving my hair sleek and shiny. 

I notice that it is ‘antibacterial’ and I think that is a major buzz word we’ll be hearing from the haircare world from now on. However, germ laden hair is never something I’ve worried about – or even thought about much for that matter – but if the beauty industry is good at one thing, it’s dropping a fear into our subconscious! For our general living standards, a hair product being antibacterial is pretty much neither here nor there. 

The Tangle Angel is £14.99 HERE if you’re constantly struggling with knots – actually, it’s good for kids too who cannot stand having their hair brushed. 

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