Oh, much as I would love to be exposing a brand new beauty fad – talking hair – it’s not quite that exciting! It’s about the tricky subject of facial hair.

I’ve just read a really good feature on the Oprah web-site written in great detail on facial hair and if it is something that worries you, definitely worth a read HERE. Interestingly, they bring up the issue of magnifying mirrors which I have held responsible for large pores for years!

As you get older, hairs pop up in all kinds of places where you don’t really expect them, thanks to a depletion of oestrogen that allows testosterone to do its worst. I found a really fine hair on my neck – by the time I found it, it was literally an inch long (cue screaming alone in my own kitchen); I whipped it out with a pair of tweezers and it has never been seen again.

However, the real little sods are the stray chin hairs – it never occurred to me that I might get one, but I have to put my hand up now and say, my time is now. It’s not elegant, it’s not glamorous and it’s not pretty BUT neither is it the end of the world. I am constantly trying to outwit the CH; to spot it before it can barely break the skin’s surface, but the bloody devil that it is seems to lie dormant for weeks and then one morning I wake up and it’s had a growth spurt like Jack’s bean-stalk.

Funnily enough, the Oprah recommendation is not to tweeze it out because that might leave a little bump? I’ll take a bump any day over a boar’s bristle. So that’s what I do and haven’t had a bump yet (not that I’d care if I did). However, what I found really interesting in the feature is the fact that there is a prescription hair inhibiting cream – I didn’t know such a thing existed. It is a medicine, and I’m not recommending medicine here, obviously, because I know nothing about it, but if facial hair is making your life an absolute misery, it is something to ask your doctor about. It’s called Vaniqa (trade name) or Eflornithine Monohydrate Chloride and works by blocking the action of a chemical needed for hair growth. It’s really not for those who have one rogue, evil little thing like mine, but for the many women whose confidence suffer so badly with excess facial hair, it’s well worth investigating.

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