I’m totally baffled yet again as to why Style’s beauty awards use a drop-down menu system. They’re asking for readers to vote on their favourite beauty treats from lipstick to hair care – but there is no option (other than ‘other’ where you can type in the name of your favourite product) to vote for a specific item, i.e. Armarni Eyes To Kill Mascara. All there is is a drop down brand menu, which for something like Clinique is ridiculous as they have loads of different mascaras. In essence, all you are doing is voting for the brand, not the product. And how will it be announced when the winners are declared? X thousand readers decided that Dior have the best mascara (when there are at least six different mascaras from Dior) but we can’t say which one since we didn’t ask?? Not consumer friendly, and not helpful either. When it comes to foundation, your choices are Chantecaille, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Lancome, Bobbi Brown or Other (where you can type in your own choice). Now, Bobbi Brown alone has five different foundations, ranging from Hydrating to Oil Free, all doing different things for different ages and types of skin. Beauty afficionados of course do have their favourite brands, but as we all know, a brand can come out with one product that is amazing and the next minute a proper flop. This voting system doesn’t allow for any real choice – who decided on which brands go on the drop down, for example, a clear case of nudging the voter if ever there was one. I’d say this is just a pat on the back for advertisers because I cannot fathom what on earth it is telling consumers or indeed what level of information it is allowing consumers to tell them. What is the point?

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