There are so many fragrances launching at the moment so I’m going to bundle them all up in one post. If you are a regular BBB reader, you will know I am rubbish at writing about perfume; it is so much more of a skill than many people realise, but here goes anyway.

Bobbi Brown Beach

I just LOVED this fragrance the second I sprayed it for its ability to immediately transport you to the sandiness and sea salt smell of a beach. With notes that I connect with beautiful (and expensive) sunscreens, it is the best literal conversion with no fanciful brain stretches of a beach I have ever smelled. This is a bit of a cheat at the fragrance isn’t’s just got a new bottle. Nonetheless, happy times. £38

Penhaligon’s Peonive

If you love a big, fat floral fragrance, then the notes of rose and peony are perfection. It is big, it is fat and it is not for those who like a mere hint of anything. I’d suggest it would be a grapple between it wearing you and you wearing it, but it is saved from overwhelming by a smack of vetiver and violet that bring it down to earth. £85 from 16th July Harvey Nicks then nationwide from 13th August.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDT

A gentler version of the original Lady Million and I kind of love it. Gardenia and Hyacinth play a part but it’s the Lily of the Valley that draws me in. I wasn’t so keen on the woody dry down preferring the more initial floral charge. I also love the packaging..that huge nugget is well worth carrying about in your handbag because I’m pretty sure, if under fire, you could slug the life out of someone with it.  It’s £57 and launches on the 25th June.

D&G Light Blue: Dreaming in Portofino Limited Edition

The first thing to say about this is that the bl**dy plastic lid is really, really sharp making it a very uncomfortable experience to open. It’s horrible and actually hurts. The second thing to say is that the fragrance is wonderful; it smells of fruity, beachy summery things, of hot days, orange cocktails and blue pools… beautiful. Shame they have such crappy packaging. £35.

Philosophy Summer Grace

The latest in the Grace series from Philosophy is such a pretty scent: it’s very light, very inoffensive and rightly or wrongly, I think of the Grace series as ‘starter’ fragrances – it’s where I might begin if I’d never worn perfume before or had no strong likes or dislikes. It’s a very easy scent to wear; ageless, subtle and feminine with warm, floral notes. £32.

Roja Dove Risque

There’s no getting away from it that this is a very complex fragrance. I prefer simple. It’s kind of old-fashioned in many ways and reminds me of an old cherrywood wardrobe my grandmother had. That said, it was a very fine wardrobe! It makes many changes on the skin so it is hard to even give a description – heavy, heady, sweet, woody, soapy.. all those things and more and it lightens into something much more gentle as time wears on. From its title, the fragrance should titilate; this is not the case for me, but I do sense a old style Hollywood glamour to it. I think this is a perfume afficionado’s fragrance and not for a wider audience. At £295 a bottle (for Parfum not EDT, which is £195), I think this is its destiny.

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