I keep looking at the Strivectin brand and being impressed at how far they’ve come in such a relatively short time. I remember seeing the first Strivectin product, Strivectin-SD for stretch marks, piled high on a table in a big New York store and people were literally grabbing the tubes from the table and rushing to the tills. It was a complete co-incidence that I was there for launch day, but you don’t often see a beauty-rush like that.

When I look at reviews on Strivectin across the internet, the results are very mixed – it seems it is like any skin care brand in that either your skin will love it or it won’t. Whenever I’ve used it, particularly the body cream, I find it to be excellent, but since I have no stretch marks of note, it’s really hard for me to do a review on it. However, from that one product, Strivectin have grown into a multi product brand in ten years..targeting everything from eye crinkles to sagging necks. Their latest launch is Power Serum that uses NIA-114, a form of niacin or Vitamin B3, an ingredient that has been exciting beauty boffins for several years for its ability to give many of the benefits of retinoic acid, but thankfully none of the sensitivity issues. 

Strivectin doesn’t come cheap – Power Serum is £79 – they’re an independent brand and do rigorous independent trials, but as I said before, no matter what the stats say, it is always your own skin that speaks the best. In my view, the brand is worth investigating and particularly the Tightening Neck Cream as there are so few neck creams that actually do anything much at all. Maybe that’s the one I should try as my neck seeps ever further downward! 

Let me know if you’ve had a good or bad experience of this brand.


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