On the one hand, stretch marks really don’t bother me; if they’re baby related then they’re just a sign that your body has been through the experience of growing life and should kind of be celebrated as such. I have a few, not as a result of pregnancy (I used copious amounts of Clarins Body Treatment Oil) but as a result of dieting and they’re mainly on my boobs.. which obviously aren’t ever on public display! So, they’re insignificant to me, but I do know that lots of women mind a very great deal about stretch marks so thought it might be worth flagging up this new laser treatment from Strawberry.

It’s not cheap at £100 a go, but it does seem to really cut to the chase – a friend showed me her before and afters – first turning the stretch marks from a vivid red colour to completely silvery white. Further treatments can even reduce those marks. While they probably won’t completely disappear, if you are very self-conscious about red marks, the difference is really impressive. It’s suitable for all skin tones.


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