I get lots of comments on this blog (thank you – they’re so appreciated) and mostly they are on message with themes/looks/products. You don’t ever have to be in agreement with me – plenty aren’t! – and the fact that you take time to comment at all is amazing. But when I get comments like these below, I just wonder, ‘WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????’!

‘Hi girls DONT touch the Cloud Nine we have used them in the salon since Thursday and none of the stylists or customers have wanted to use them a second time.
If you want to see the FUTURE of of styling irons look at the New XXX styling tools.
Every XXX tool comes with new HW2 technology. The result is a powerful, natural phenomenon that actively removes toxins and static from each hair while reducing styling time, retaining moisture and cushioning the hair from direct, damaging heat. XXX tools are also supported with a two-year, no quibble warranty.
XXX Professional irons allow you to achieve an incredible array of gorgeous and glamorous looks due to its flexible temperature control.
Adjust the temperature of your XXX Professional iron, depending on your hair type and the look you desire.’

The commentor also helpfully gave the web address and the Facebook page, which I’ve edited out along with the name of the product. Sorry guys, but did you really think I’d let you promo your product and at the same time trash the competition? Sorry, but if there’s any trashing or treasuring to be done, I’ll be doing it myself. And I genuinely do rate Cloud 9. I know the name of the product this commentor was trying to plug and all this has done is ensure it will never appear here.

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