After two really bad nail breaks where my nails broke so far below the tips the breaks were in the pink bit, I couldn’t cobble them together any more, so I went off to see nail wizard, David Barton. 

Fibre-glass nail mesh.

On one, the forefinger of my right hand, he put on a gel nail, carefully blending the gel more and more thinly down the nail so I won’t get a ridge or obvious in-fill space, and on the other where the break was properly into the nail, he used fibre-glass mesh over the entire nail. 

The fibre-glass mesh is fixed over the whole nail.

My pics aren’t the best because the lighting wasn’t great and I was – yes REALLY – sitting right next to Liam Gallagher so found it rather hard to concentrate. You have to let me off less than perfect pics for that! The fibre-glass mesh is put over the whole nail so it is very strong and then coated with a special glue (you could use nail glue) to stick it down. 

Nail glue applied over the whole nail and the mesh.

Once he’d applied two coats (and used a special spray to seal it), David then buffed it up so that the nail looks completely normal – you would literally never know there was anything on it at all. 

See, I said I was distracted! Liam Gallagher’s fault.

So now I have a full set of nails that look pretty near perfect so I will be able to swatch a full hand instead of three nails. 

Oh, and yes, of course I ear-wigged Liam’s conversation but I wouldn’t dream of telling (he liked the closing ceremony…shhh). 

You can find David at the Percy & Reed salon on Great Portland Street in London, details HERE

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