I haven’t done speed reviews for a while, but last week I attended a ‘speed-blogging’ event; seven brands, seven bloggers each spending 20 minutes with oneanother. It was such a good use of time, and not only that, on the whole it was the brand owners presenting so you didn’t get any diluted effect in the presentation – it was full-on enthusiasm and I found myself viewing one brand – Murad – so differently than I had in the past, I wished I’d had a chance to talk one on one with them years ago. If I’m honest, I’m more comfortable with information coming through the PRs; that way if I don’t like something there is a buffer, and I don’t always have time/patience etc to listen to the evangelism. But, I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to meet with brand owners in the future. So, with the exception of a couple of men’s brands that I’m using for a print feature, here’s the round up:

Forest Secrets While I really don’t like the name of this brand (it just doesn’t sum up what the product is and gives it an ‘alternative’ feel that somehow lessens the impact of what it can do), the products are without doubt, absolutely gorgeous. iRejuvenate Lifting Pro-Youth Face Oil is a blend of 19 natural, organic and fair trade botanicals, phytosterols, flavinoids and vitamins that does nothing but love your skin! Ideally, you follow it on with iRejuvenate Regenerating Skin Serum – a cocktail of amino acids, algae peptides and hyaluronic acid. The premise of the duo is that you can adjust amounts of either to however your skin is reacting at the time. Dr Barbara Olioso, the developer, has amazingly lovely skin – always a good sign! I used it lastnight and woke up with a glow. The only thing I’d say against it is that fiddling about with differing amounts for different needs isn’t something that a lay person could easily do; it could take a long, long time to get to know your skin in that very specific way. £36.50 each.

Precision Nails I’ve written about Precision before but am still mega-impressed with this range. It’s very high quality for the price (£6.95), on a par with OPI and has a phenomenal colour range.

Restylane Skin Care Brought to market by the same Restylane folks that make facial fillers, I’m undecided on this. Is it just a cash-in on their (amazingly good) non-surgical treatments? I don’t know. All it made me do was want to have filler! However, its key points are that it contains stabilized hyularonic acid, battles sun damage, and uses an absorbability complex that distibutes the ingredients easily and evenly. Because it repairs and strengthens the skin barrier, it is suited to those who have had non-surgical cosmetic interventions such as Botox. It’s strength is such that it is only available from skin clinics, not over the counter.From £21.50.

Ph Advantage AM/PM Multi Complex Moisturiser SPF20 This is a brand that has struggled to find its place in the UK market. But, I know people (my sister included) that absolutely swear by it. I’ve used it in the past and loved it. It’s a simple regime backed up by science that deserves a better share in the skincare market. The above product is super-charged with hyaluronic acid to improve the overall look and health of the skin. Hyularonic acid helps the skin to draw and hold water within the skin cells, giving it a look of hydrated, healthy skin. It also contains glycolic which rids the complexion of old cells, leaving fresher, new ones in its wake. £65.

Murad Much as I want to bang on and on about this brand, I’m not going to; parts of the range – especially the books – are tedious. However, at the heart of the range is The Science of Cellular Water (a combination of hydrators, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants) that claims to treat skin from cellular level up….making stronger skin cells to get healthy, younger looking skin. The science is good, the studies are good and the before and afters exceptional. So, I’ll focus on the range that interests me most – Blemish Control. I don’t – and never have had – acne, but oily, acne prone skin is miserable condition to live with; it’s one of the topics I get asked about most, and the unhappiness it causes is heartbreaking. Sometimes I see parents with their painfully shy teenagers who are covered in pustules and angry acne and just want to shake them – there are treatments available…bloody well buy some for your chronically unhappy child. So, the Acne Complex 60 Day Kit comprises Clarifying Cleanser, Exfoliating Acne Treatment, Acne Spot Treatment and Skin Perfecting Lotion. In fact, I’ve had a tester for this range in the past; a young woman of 28, two babies, hormones raging and very, very oily skin. It made such a radical difference she has used it ever since. I’ve also agreed to test the Firm and Tone Dietary Supplements myself (and I NEVER commit to such regimes) because I know from past experience that this is a best seller that tackles not just lack of firmness and cellulite, but also is apparantly good for nails and hair, too. My nails are suffering from terrible over-polish so I have something tangible to test this for. £29.95 for the Acne Kit.

Pepperfit I loved the ladies from Pepperfit; a solid background in aromatherapy and a big dose of charm were both very endearing. The Pepperfit range is unique in it’s field; a range of powerful aromatherapy treatments specifically relating to sport. So, there are formulas for muscle ache, for boosting pre-sport, for relaxing post-sport and for just putting some oomph into your work-out. Whether you’re a runner, a footballer, an aerobics fan or even a rugby player, there is something in the range that can properly address your issues. And, it smells a whole lot nicer than linament. £23.50 for Rescue Bath & Shower Oil.

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