Losing kohls is practically a hobby – I have been meaning to sing the praises of Clarins Crayon Khol for some time now and what’s reminded me is that I’m absolutely gutted that I’ve lost it. It’s gone the way of a zillion belonging-to-Jane kohls and I know I’ll never see it again!

Clarins Crayon Khol 1

Literally, all I have left is a couple of grotty photos – see specimen A above. So, what’s so great about the Clarins Crayon Khol? First up, it’s a stayer – inner or outer rims, it stays a long time. My shade is Carbon Black and it’s a true, true black, which means that even if I’m wearing a dark eye shadow, that above the upper lash line still shows. On inner rims, it looks intensely black and skims across that delicate part of the eye, leaving a deep line.

Clarins Crayon Khol
Clarins Crayon Khol

The next thing that’s brilliant about it is the brush at the end. I am not great at creating a seamless line – it’s 100% not my forte. An actual brush is so much better than those little rubber nubs that some khols have on them – it diffuses any errors to give a nicely smoky line that looks as though you meant to do it like that in the first place.

Usually, if I lose a product, I don’t replace it because I know I should be trying other things anyway but in this case, I’m definitely replacing. Now it’s gone, I realise how indispensible it is. You can find the Clarins Crayon Khol HERE for £17 – I recommend carbon black but there are various shades to choose from.


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