I’m not really a stats person – in fact, I’m less than impressed when a product professes to have thrilled 77% of users or something similar…my immediate thought is that 23% of users weren’t happy. It’s probably the half empty glass syndrome or something, but unless 99.9% of users are delighted/10 years younger/significantly less wrinkly etc I think its best to shut up. But, I’ve got hold of a few interesting stats from The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, and it seems there is absolutely no stopping us when it comes to a little tweak here and there. Dr Mike Comins, chairman of the BACD says the most popular procedures performed by the BACD in 2010 were Botox and volumising fillers which saw a 30% rise. “In 2010 it became fashionable for celebrities such as Danni Minogue to denounce Botox claiming that they had given up the treatment, but according to Dr Comins it’s not that women have stopped having Botox its simply that they are being treated in a less obvious way. Ironically achieving this more natural, ‘less done’ look is far more complex and skilful” – all the more important (as I keep saying) to get it done somewhere reputable.

“Cosmetic Doctors have refined treatment techniques to give a refreshed rather than frozen look so although celebrities may claim that they are no longer having these procedures what they are probably having is what is known as “Botox Lite” or “Baby Botox” where we use less to achieve a more subtle look. Skilled Cosmetic Doctors are even using Botox in the jaw line to produce a lift that is subtle and far more cost effective than expensive cosmetic surgery for women in their late 40’s and 50’s.”

The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors predicts that 2011 will see the rise of Facial Contouring ‘the fluid facelift’ a procedure that adds filler to the cheeks, hollows beneath the eyes, side of the forehead and angel of the jaw to plump and lift the areas where fat has depleted to such a point that the face begins to hollow slightly – this is exactly what I had done to my cheeks and my goodness, what a difference!

But its not just the laydeez who are being tweaked…the number of men seeking cosmetic treatments also rose by 21.5% in 2010 and will continue to grow in 2011. “Men are increasingly self conscious about their bodies and more are coming forward for body contouring procedures like for Liposculpture and Vaser” says Comins “These procedures do not require long periods of downtime and are ideal for treating problem areas like “moobs”, love handles and the abdomen.”

So what do you say? Is this rise in procedures merely preserving your looks and making the best of what you have? Or is it a slippery slope where we just aren’t allowed to age with dignity? Let me know what you think.

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