I’ve just been sent the most thoughtful of boxes from Aveda. I met up with the Aveda girls a while back, and they’ve remembered every single one of my likes and dislikes as well as picking out a few new pieces they think I’ll like. Believe me, that’s a level of PR seldom found. The box is packed full of gorgeous products that targets every inch of my body from head to toe…but what made my eyes light up? The candles! Their Light The Way Candle is truly special – not least because a whopping £12.76 of the £15 cost price goes directly to the Global Greengrants Fund – but also because it is highlighting the lack of clean water (something we in Britain never even have to think twice about) around the world. Their target for Earth Month? $3.5 million. You have to admire a brand that thinks big. The candle is sweet and lavendery made with 100% organic products, and the recycled glass holder’s previous life was as a wine cooler bottle. I do note, however, that in the US the candle costs $12.

The other candle is Euphoric, £20 (US price $19). As soon as I’d wrestled it out of the (recylable) box, I was breathing in the most gorgeous aroma of flowers – predominantly jasmine and rose.

So, I’m delighted with every single aspect of this surprise package, other than the fact we are paying a whack more in the UK for Aveda that we do in the States.

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