I’m not going to judge or lecture anyone for the odd smoky treat, but it is true to say that you can often tell a smoker by the state of their teeth. As tooth whitening is generally a very expensive treatment, it might be of interest to smokers to know that Australia’s best selling tooth whitening brand, White Glo, has just released a Smoker’s Toothpaste to lift away yellow discolouration using diatomaceus earth in a gritty, but non scratchy, formula to scrub out stains. Because whatever you smoke also sticks to the gums – in fact, anywhere in the mouth, the paste comes with a fresh breath formula built in and a stain removing toothbrush. It’s £3.99 at Boots. This is also true for anyone who drinks a lot of tea, coffee or cola, because they are just as bad for tooth staining and using a smoker’s formula paste might just help you whiten up those gnashers, smoker or not.

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