Generally, I have a pretty relaxed attitude to the myriad of lotions and potions that I’m asked to test – I don’t always have faith that they’ll actually do anything, but anything that helps women spend time and attention on themselves has its place. And if you enjoy using a product, then that’s often enough to feel more positive. However, one area that I just won’t touch is so called ‘slimming creams’. I’ve been offered a couple recently to road test, but how in all honesty could I possibly suggest that readers spend money on something that is blatantly unnecessary. Creams won’t help you slim. Eating less and exercising more most certainly will. And that is absolutely free. Women who suffer from water retention or – to a lesser degree in my opinion – have cellulite can be moderately helped by products and supplements – although with the exception of Sisley Celluli-pro, which certainly made things smoother and less dimply, I’ve yet to see a truly impressive cellulite cream. Whether ‘fat burning’ tablets and potions have any effect or not is neither here nor there – the tried and tested ‘less food’ method will give better results. And, if you notice, there is always a disclaimer on the packaging that says ‘use in conjunction with *sweating your ass off in a gym and denying any cake that comes your way*’. So, seriously, if you’re looking to drop the pounds, don’t reach for the beauty shelves – there’s nothing there that can help you in any meaningful way.

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