I used to be an unbeliever when it came to skin supplements but not now! I’ve been taking supplements for my skin for well over six months now and I’m sold, 100%. Not only is my skin softer all over but it doesn’t get anywhere near as dry as it used to (think no elbow dry patches).

Skinade is a new supplement in liquid form that has already had a major moment in the spotlight backstage at London Fashion Week and for good reason; after 4-6 days you should be able to feel a difference in skin softness. And, it’s a liquid that tastes like peaches rather than tablets (the theory being that liquid formula supplements with low molecular weight has a better absorption rate) and is much easier to take.

So, what’s in it? 7000mg hydrolysed marine collagen, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, Omega 3’s and 6 as well as L-Lysine. I must admit I didn’t give a lot of thought to how formulations make a difference in supplements – not the specifics, anyway (and I should mention that the collagen in Skinade is taken from fresh water fish so isn’t suitable for vegetarians or vegans), but for example in order for collagen in Skinade to be absorbed and distributed it needs a very high level of vitamin C to make that happen – so one thing depends upon another. I’d never broken it down like that in my head before. Skinade is by no means the cheapest supplement on the market at £15 for five bottles, but to achieve the same level of collagen in tablet form, you’d have to take about 9 at a time. That’s practically lunch! Not to mention the other micro-nutrients..

Ultimately, there will always be a debate on supplements – as I said, I wasn’t a believer and now I am. As the supplement stakes get ever higher and claims more incredible, I’ve seen the (independent) clinicals on Skinade and discussed with an independent formulator (we concluded you would have to eat something like sardines and oranges twice a day, every day to get a similar amount of nutrients) so I’ve no reason to doubt it’s ability and would go even further and say it’s one of the most efficient liquid supplements out there. I’m thinking it’s definitely worth a trial run to see you through party season – but there’s always the oranges and sardines option!

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