The brand new to the UK Norwegian range, Skin Science, looks intriguing – it uses salmon roe extracts to provide anti-oxidant protection 30 times more potent than vitamin E. It also contains LEX, again a salmon roe derivative that claims to boost collagen by 600% in 8 days. What? Really? If it is true, this is massive. What slightly puts me off the brand is the whole salmony thing – although the products are odourless – and Zonase X, the exfoliating component is produced by hatchling salmons. I don’t know, but somehow this doesn’t sound very nice – I keep imagining poor hatchlings (in my head they’re the same as Poplars if you watch Futurama – silly, I know) deprived of their Zonase. 

A Poplar!

None of this is helped by the fact that Skin Science claims to delay skin ageing by 20% – I think claiming to prevent something that ‘might’ happen, and that happens differently from person to person is unprovable. And, again it is probably highly juvenile but the key ingredient is called Spermine, and this brings out the school girl in me that says eewww. Is it just me or are you squeamish about ingredients in your cosmetics?

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