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Skin Inc

So far, customisable skincare hasn’t really gripped the UK market – I’m not sure why because it’s been indicated as a ‘thing’ in every single trend report I’ve read. I can’t really tell if we can’t be bothered or if it’s just a lack of confidence about what we think our skin needs. Either way, if we can get our heads around mixing and matching, our skin will probably be all the better for it.

Skin Inc is an interesting brand from Singapore that uses highly concentrated pure active serums from Japan – it’s just launching now into the US and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it here next year. It’s got pre-mixed serums covered, too (just as well!) and I love the sound of Replenish Hyaluronic Serum. My Daily Dose, or the Skin Inc Beauty Supplement Bar bit of things, is the customisable arm – you fill in a questionnaire on line which will then guide you towards what combination of serums your skin needs and then it’s mixed and sent to you.

We’ve had Etat Pur that just didn’t work for this market, despite being very similar in ethos to Skin Inc, and also customisable hair care, which also didn’t grab the market. I’ve been through the very quick questionnaire – it’s quite comprehensive, although not especially inclusive of older skin. The only sticking points are that a) it feels just a bit too easy to be serious, and b) you have to submit all your details before you’re told what is a suitable mix for you. So, they’ve got you, no matter what.

Nonetheless, I think we’ll see more and more customisable products coming through – which brand is going to finally crack the UK?



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