[unpaid/sample] Midlife acne is nobody’s idea of fun but haywire hormones tend to wreak havoc at key life points such as pregnancy, adolescence and menopause. Most breakout solutions are aimed at teenagers without really recognising that they can occur at any age – it certainly never feels like they’re marketed to midlifers. Despite having what looks like only teens on their web page, it’s a mistake to think that as a mid-lifer, you can’t use these products. It’s 100% time that all breakout ages were visually represented :-).

Skin Genius

My skin, thankfully, is not in any distress at all at the moment, so I’ve only top-line tested the products. At the core of Skin Genius is anti-inflammatory action – it’s formulated to allow skin to calm the heck down so for example, the All’s Well That Gels Well leave on gel is designed to soothe angry redness and inflammation while preventing bacteria that can feed spots. It’s light on the skin and best left on overnight to have a concentrated amount of time to get working. It doesn’t seem to be at all drying and you can use it on specific areas or all over the skin. On top, you can use the Skin Genius Soothe Operator moisturiser containing babassu, macadamia and hazelnut for softening hydration and whose formula signals to your skin to lower its sebum production. In turn, that process prevents oily skin and pore blocking. So, you are really not just addressing an active breakout, you are re-educating your skin not to do the things that cause them in the first place.

Skin Genius

I’m not a big fan of wash off cleansers but they can be useful for oily skin types in not adding more oil and thoroughly rinsing away without drying. Best Cleanse Forever is anti-microbal and anti-inflammatory with calendula, red clover and lemongrass. Skin Genius uses the tried and trusted ingredients known to have an effect on breakouts – such as witch hazel and alcohol – which aren’t groundbreaking –  but wrap them in other ingredients that bring more to the skin care party so that it’s more of a 360 approach to skin rather than spot treating alone. The good thing about teen-pointed products is that they’re generally well priced – and that’s the case here so it’s an affordable range that doesn’t look like it’s for any particular age or gender. It’s only really the website that indicates who it’s primarily for – or perhaps where the brand thinks its core market lies. If you ignore that, it’s a range you can happily have on your bathroom shelf without feeling that you should learn a dance routine on TikTok.

Prices start at £13.50 for the Hits The Spot Purifying Gel HERE.


Cleansing Face Wash – ‘best cleanse forever’ – 100ml – £16.50
Bursting with Calendula, Red Clover and Lemongrass, this gentle daily face wash effectively removes impurities and excess oil, cleanses and cleans the face without over-drying the skin.  Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action reduces rashes, redness and irritation leaving a more even skin tone.
Leave-On Purifying Gel – ‘all’s well that gels well’ – 30ml – £17.50
This maximum strength, fast-acting gel tackles inflamed spots and reduces redness immediately, to quickly bring relief and results.  Easily absorbed, it’s loaded with Oregan Grape, Nettle and Roman Chamomile to help tackle breakouts while preventing the bacteria that cause acne and spots.  Its antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients help improve the skin’s immune function while reducing redness and irritation. It works well when used at bedtime and left to work it’s magic overnight and brings maximum results when used in the morning also.
Soothing Moisturiser – ‘soothe operator’ – 50ml – £18.50
Calming and light, this balancing moisturiser provides skin with long-lasting hydration while minimising the appearance of pores and scarring.  Babassu, Macadamia and Hazelnut nourish the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.  It is rich in vitamin E to aid skin recovery and naturally collagen-boosting.  Importantly, it contains ingredients that behave similarly to sebum which signal to your skin to stop producing this substance which, when produced excessively, leads to oily skin and blocked pores.
New Product
We have just launched a pocket sized ‘zapper’ product called ‘Hits The Spot’ which is designed to stop a spot in its tracks by applying one dot as a direct hit, restoring calm to the skin as Nettle and Oregan Grape take the sting out of the spot.  It comes in a handy pocket-sized 10ml for £13.50.

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