Back in June I started using Sisley Supremya night cream that contains a unique patented complex, Phyto-complex LC12, to extend the lifetime of skin cells. This in turn allows greater self repairing capacity and is heralded as a breakthrough in the war against ageing. I’ve waiting until now to report back, because at £435, it’s a big investment and I wanted to be totally thorough in testing it. First off, I’m impressed at how long it has lasted – a lot of premium creams don’t last 5 months, and I reckon I still have another couple of week’s worth left. Overall, I’ve been impressed with the improvement in my skin’s texture, and a tight little line that sits on top of my cheekbone, under one eye, is always my ‘wrinkle indicator’. It has without doubt, reduced, athough I would be lying if I said it had disappeared. Ideally, budget allowing, Supremya should be taken as a long term view; part of Sisley’s trials concentrated on two skin tissue samples; one treated with Phyto-Complex LC12, and one not. The sample without the complex aged at a normal rate after nine days, the sample with the complex after nine days had only aged to a rate of four days. An overall capacity to function better and age more slowly is something that can only been seen over a period of time, and that’s the intangibility about technology; impossible to evaluate over 5 months, although I’ve no doubt that a few years down the line is when the real impact will start to show in comparison to complexions that haven’t used it. Although it isn’t indicated whether trials were independent or in-house, the product is making impressive claims. Sisley is a brand that I like and trust, and always have, mainly because they don’t sacrifice research and ingredient quality for the sake of a buck…I’ve enjoyed using the cream; I like the fact is isn’t highly fragranced, it sinks in almost immediately without leaving any residue, there is a ‘window’ on the side of the pump bottle that lets you see how much product you have left at any one time, and I love the fact that it made inroads into a stubborn wrinkle. My skin generally has looked and felt pretty good using Supremya. It’s a lot of money, though. With that in mind, if you are a purchaser of skin care within the luxury market, then it will tick all the boxes. If you’re not in that purchasing bracket, I’d say don’t despair. Technology moves on all the time, and where the premium brands lead, others will follow and usually at more purse friendly prices. Patience is all in the beauty game!

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