I’ve got to say that despite the hideous price of the Shinso products, they really do work. Having only used it twice, when I say it works, I mean it does give the promised lift effect that Nao was so adamant it would, because as yet, I’m not in a position to see any other benefits. And, it’s a pretty staggering lift, too. I noticed it under my eyes and around my jaw line the most where it gave significant lift – elsewhere on the face, not so much. Nao had instructed me to apply it in upward sweeps and I could actually feel my skin tightening as I rubbed it in. I’d say the effect on my face wasn’t as dramatic as on my hand for some reason, but then I am woefully neglectful of my hands so maybe they were just in a bad enough condition to show benefits more easily! It’s not up to me to justify the price of this product; there are people who can and will pay up, and Nao did point out that if you added up your yearly Starbucks bill it probably wouldn’t be much different.Whether or not you would want to pay it is another matter altogether.

I saw two friends today that I haven’t seen for a long time – they both commented that my skin looked really good (actually they said amazing, but it sounds like bragging to say it out loud!). I want to use it for a while longer before I say anyone should rush to buy, but first impressions are extremely high.

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