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I started taking Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman a few weeks ago – I’d always felt that I should be taking a multi vitamin, but was never really sure quite which one. It’s a bit of a jungle out there when it comes to choosing because they all offer so many different things. To take a vitamin or supplement for each thing that needs looking after, you’d be faced with practically a meal of tablets, so it makes perfect sense to roll everything into one.

So, I can very easily say that I’m more than happy with Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman – I don’t know if I’ve just got lucky but I haven’t had a single winter ailment (please don’t let me have jinxed myself by saying that out loud!). No cough, no cold and no sore throat, and yet everyone else in my household has had something.

As a reminder, Perfect 7 supports (with scientific back up) skin and nails with zinc, hair with biotin, energy with magnesium, brain with DHA (can’t say I have noticed any difference here – still as forgetful as ever!), vision with Vitamin B2, heart with EPA and DHA and hormonal activity with Vitamin B. Plus, it’s packed with Omega 3.

It’s hard to put my finger on any one area that I can say has noticably improved, but it’s still early days in terms of vitamins showing any effect – what I’m genuinely happy about is that it’s just back up that I am delighted to have. I’m also pleased that the choosing what to take element has been taken away from me – I could still be dithering in Holland & Barratt a year later having still made no discernable progress in deciding what to take.

Sometimes, I really have to have a think about what products I’d buy myself after trials like this are over – I can, hand on heart, say I’d purchase these and I’m definitely glad that I don’t have to think about my supplements again. I have all I need in these.



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