Selfridges Christmas In July is one of the hottest launch tickets on the calendar. A preview of all their Christmas goodies, including the uh, Indecent Bed, with a bedhead using satin quilt squares to depict a digital image of a naked woman (for an extra gazillion pounds you can get your own indecent image bespoked!), some daunting christmas cake moulds – a set of five houses…whew..decorate that, someone! – and a lot, a LOT of chocolately things. But in amongst that, there are some absolute beauty aces for Christmas (yes, I said the C word). The thing I loved the most was the L’Oreal Advent Calender containing mini sizes of all their prestige products such as Lancome and Khiels. I took a couple of pictures on my phone camera but then realised that nobody will thank me for revealing the entire contents so I’ve held that one back – might take the fun out of it, but needless to say it is a box of delights. Think fragrances, nail polish, mascara, make up remover – everything you could want for a daily treat in the run up to putting a turkey on the table. There was also a totally gorgeous and unexpected concept for children’s fragrance, of which I will blog about when I get some decent images to show properly.

Another highlight was the HUGE bottle of Chanel No5. Like, £3,000’s worth of HUGE!

I was a bit disappointed with the Bobbi Brown Mini Brights Palette because I think its a reinvention of a wheel; but on the other hand, absolutely loved the Tools Caddy – I could really, really do with one of these.

Again, something I don’t have good images of and would prefer to show it in a better light than my camera can is the Nars Kabuki Lipset that puts a glamorous oriental ritual element to applying lipstick. And lastly, the Luminesse airbrush system..I was so, so impressed but will blog about it separately when I’ve had a chance to try and airbrush myself!

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