Had a very funny converstation with a PR from GHD. I love GHD as a brand; they just ‘get’ hair. However, the chat started with her trying the “You know how fabulously tousled your hair looks when you’ve just come out of the sea?” one. It’s not just me, surely, that looks like a sicked up sea monster after a dip in the Med? Have I ever come out of the sea – or a pool – looking ‘fabulously tousled’ as opposed to wet and dripping? No. Has anyone? Bo Derek maybe, or Ursula Andress, but general people without a film crew and accompanying hairdresser? If your hair looks divine after a dip do let me know….I’d love to meet someone for whom ‘surf hair’ is a natural occurence. Anyway, if you do want to look like you have a head full of salty water, I’m assured that GHD Sea Spray for Matte Waves, 12.95 pounds, will do it.

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