Seams Hand Cream
Seams Hand Cream

I’ll put my hands up now and say that when I first saw this hand cream, I was a little underwhelmed. I ummed and ahhed about even reviewing it. But little by little I’ve grown very fond of it. It’s got a lovely, delicate clean-floral scent and a light texture. But most importantly, it was created for working hands rather than vanity, if you like – to properly have a healing effect. Originally developed for couture seamstresses whose busy hands need protecting and healing, the crucial thing about Seams is that it doesn’t transfer to cloth.

The texture sinks in so quickly and you can start touching fabric again straight away. I admit I don’t think I’ve ever been caught out by hand-cream hands but even the thought of a black silk dress with greasy finger marks on it makes me shudder. That’s a whole outfit re-plan! But, while it might not be the deal-breaker for everyday folk, it’s found a huge market for back stage at fashion shows where hands get pin pricked, banged, rubbed and generally abused by zipping and unzipping stressy models who have 30 seconds flat to get into an outfit and back out down the runway. Glycerine is the healing active while other actives such as Macadamia, Fragonia (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial) and Shea butter play their part in this backstage secret.

I was expecting a massive price tag, but at £8.50 it’s not expensive. You can find it HERE. The one thing I wish is that they’d popped something with a couture reference on the packaging. There is plenty of room for a needle & thread image or something even more imaginative that I can’t actually think of right now! I know there are millions of crafters, knitters and sewers who’d love this.


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