Remembering for a moment that a blog is a place to record thoughts and views, and not just about figures (I’m reminding myself here: not others), I’m hopping mad with a ‘celebrity’ magazine website who sent me and lots of other bloggers an email offering to ‘include’ my views in an article on how to keep your hair and skin healthy in the sun. BUT, in order for me, or any of the other bloggers to be included, we need to offer link backs in the form of an embeddable badge.

Hello, did I just roll off the production line at the stupid factory? That’s an AD. And a free one at that. So, while there is the dilemma that yes, I would like more readers, I don’t think I want them at that price, thank you. It seems a very unfair position to be put in – initially, I was thrilled they wanted my view. But actually it isn’t my view they want, it is my readers. Sorry Heatworld, but you really need to learn more about blogs and bloggers before you start trying to form a social media relationship disguised as an interest in beauty views. 

Without knowing what the badge looks like, how long it needs to be there or really anything at all about the feature, for me it would be foolish to just jump in there. If they understood anything at all about blogging they’d realise the huge flaw in the their cunning plan. Any blogger could accept these terms, keep the badge on for a nano-second and then delete as soon as they’ve capitalised on the exposure.

Back to social media school for someone.

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