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I love painting my nails but the whole filing/buffing thing I could easily do without – I have to admit I’m not that good at getting the perfect free edge and I can’t even remember the last time I actually buffed.

So, when I tried the Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set, I was hoping it would take some of the effort out of my lazy nail care and make me more inclined to give them the attention they need. I’m the biggest sceptic when it comes to gadgets for nails – I had a thought that maybe the file would be so vigorous that I might lose an entire nail without looking (and I’m genuinely the person who had no clue when testing a bikini area trimmer – yes, welcome to beauty world – that it would be as dramatic as it was quite so quickly; one go faster stripe later and that went in the bin).

However, what’s noticeable about this gadget is that it’s gentle. It would be hard to go wrong. If you have super-hard or thick nails, you might need something stronger, but for the average nail, you can file (with Head 1) at a good pace without worrying that you’ll end up with nothing! And, in comparison to regular filing, you get an exceptionally smooth free edge. The second phase is buffing – again nice and gentle (with Head 2) that leaves your nails feeling very smooth, and actually looking cleaner and brighter. The shine element (Head 3) is the biggest surprise; I’d forgotten just how shiny nails can get. I found it a little bit tricky to get into the very edges of the nails, but equally, I seem to remember that’s quite hard with a manual buffer, too. But, the end result is perkier nails.

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set also contains a Smooth Care Nail Oil and a Revlon Multi-Care Base and Top Coat, so the whole set is a proper work out for your nails. If you love painting your nails but are less enthusiastic about the actual ‘care’ aspect, I think you’ll find that the electronic device is a boon and takes the tedium out of it. On one use, my nails look smoother (although ridges are going to take a few more goes, I suspect) and free edges near perfect. So, I’m happy to offer the opportunity for you to try the Nail Care Set with a giveaway of 5 sets (rrp is £69.99 but it’s currently on offer). I’m using Rafflecopter again as a completely fair way to choose, but this is a UK only giveaway. I’ll run it for a week to give everyone plenty of time to enter.

The Nail Care Sets are available at Boots HERE and Scholl HERE.

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