The Ruby & Millie brand is already a success in it’s own right, and their latest venture is aimed at the teen market, with Scarlett & Crimson. Muddling through the make up mire when you’re 14 is kind of nightmareish I seem to remember: I was fixated on Estee Lauder then (and now, actually!) and always opted for too much on the grounds that more must be prettier! I think it probably wasn’t. So, from what I can gather about Scarlett & Crimson is that it’s skewed at the first make up experience and priced with that in mind, but still allowing for individuality. However, looking at these pics, there are a couple of things I’d like in my make up sack, er, I mean, bag. It’s launching on September 1st into Boots stores. I like Ruby & Millie make up anyway; one of my favourite ever eye shadows is Ruby & Millie – a cream base (navy) and powder (khaki) and the green over blue is an absolute stunner.

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